A Lot of People DON’T Want SUCCESS – Maya Angelou – #Entspresso

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Sometime we fail in business because we lack some historical background and understanding of some key business facts.    

Here is one that will help you change the way you ever thought or wanted to do business or make money online.

This is not only limited to AIOP, but can actually help you succeed in any business venture.

If you are a business owner or struggling to build one, this is the #1 insider information you need to take seriously.

AIOP Products Review, is proud and glad to bring that to you.

This is an eye-Opening stuff many will prefer you never knew. 

Here you have it. Read it, take it, grow and prosper in your business.

Back during the California famous Gold Rush in the 1800’s that brought people from all around the world rushing to dig for Gold, those who made fortunes were not the Gold diggers (miners). But it was the merchants who sold products and services to the miners. (Actually, the reality is that there was very little gold to be found.)

One guy called Levi Strauss came all the way from Germany to sell sturdy work pants to the miners – that became the Levi jeans empire, still operational today.

Some two gentlemen by the name of Henry Wells and William Fargo set up an office in San Francisco to cater for the miners – that went on to become what we now know as Wells Fargo, also still operational as one of the Major Banks in the United State.

Before John Studebaker built his automobile fortune, guess what – he manufactured and sold wheelbarrows to the miners, and certainly made more money than those that were using the wheelbarrows to dig for Gold.

There are many more examples…

The above realization opened my eyes and made me think out of the box.


If you are tired of trying to build a business by joining one Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company after another,

If you are tired of seeing companies disappear after a few years, or see them change their Compensation plan to keep more money for themselves than pay you,

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Then people of your type are not many.

This is insider Stuff you will never find in any Personal Development training or from the Gurus.

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The only concern you may be having at this point is: what product or services is it that you can provide to the MLM Gold diggers or the independent business owners?

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Now that you have the background, start thinking out of the box and rethink your business over, if you will like to keep jumping around or will instead start providing “picks and shovels” to business and independent business owners.

If you are overwhelmed thinking, then that is normal and a good sign you are getting it.

Please, this is not an invitation for you to quit your current MLM Business, but the information you have gained here, should even make you more successful in your current company or in any business you may be struggling to build. Of course, if only you take the right actions with the knowledge gained.

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  • tikea p

    So true. Most people are so afraid that they don’t want to succeed😎

    • Job van de Laar

      tikea p I don’t understand that but lol

    • Roxie Spencer

      Job van de Laar Well, in order to constantly become successful at something or things, you have to always give it your all. And many times your effort will not produce amazing fruit or results. You will fail and fall flat on your face or stumble a lot. And that’s okay. People don’t usually want to be greater than themselves or “successful” because it requires getting hurt, being embarrassed, crying and being frustrated every time you try figuring out the answers to What, When, How or Why. People would rather be complacent or mediocre in their lives and not deal with regret as much at the moment as opposed to if they live to be older. But honestly, holding yourself back does nothing but sustain your prematurity and you’ll feel worthless or not good enough and still will beat yourself up daily or within the current “now” anyway. So why not try and try and try again.

    • Roxie Spencer

      Job van de Laar Lmboo you’re so funny 😂 but np and that’s interesting because your brain knows how much talent lays within you. So whatever your purpose(s) are that you didnt discover yet are going to show the world how wonderful you truly are and make things around you a better environment. I have this instinct that has always been in me basically and it always let’s me know at some point that whenever I’ll have my breakthrough, it’s going to be positively impactful to the world. To people. And I can’t wait until those wonderful things happen to either of us❤ Best wishes on your journey😊

  • Jason Bean

    I am afraid of one thing, and one thing only: I am afraid of being forgotten.
    This fear is the emotion that propels my every action. I honestly don’t care how I’m remembered. As long as I am remembered, I will live on.
    Plato is remembered. Shakespeare is remembered.
    FDR is remembered.
    I want to be part of that group.

  • SlowClass Kai

    The one thing I fear the most is being an old lady sitting in my rocking chair full of regrets… being bitter & sad about how my life turned out because I let fear paralyze me. That’s what pushes me to do all the things I’ve been doing… so what you said definitely resonates with me. But thinking about the fact that one day we’re all gonna die really does make you look at life differently. I’m gonna practice that more often.

  • Rim Raoudi

    dude, I love your videos but you gotta work on the sound. just get a good mic! Really thank you for all the work you put into these advice, great source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs!

  • Hazys Day

    As i grew up my parents slave labored me and every idea i ever had was dumb to them , they used to tell me how smart i was as a kid but in the same sentence tell me my ideas were dumb !!!! Years ago i wrote a plan for something that looked alot like angies list !! He told me that was dumb and knowone would ever use that !!!
    After angies list broke , i quit believing him and believe for myself , even if i hit a fail a bunch of times I WILL TRY AGAIN NO MATTER HOW STUPID IT LOOKS !

  • Carolina Gómez

    Thanks for all your work, i really appreciate all those beautiful message

  • Sunav Ghimire

    the thing i fear the most is mass speaking.

  • Sanket Ugale

    Sadhguru rocks 🙂

  • Clifford Starks

    Yes very true it is important to believe in yourself and surround yourself around the right people, to make sure fear does not take over your passion. Being proactive is also a huge detractor of fear. Love your stuff Evan, keep believing!

    • Breezy and KDot The Music Stars

      +Clifford Starks Failure, fake people, idiots, people who rather take the easy way out, oh and definitely pain.

    • Breezy and KDot The Music Stars

      +Clifford Starks​ Oh and I can’t forget about hypocrites either. And I also hate drugs and drinking, and terrorism.

    • Clifford Starks

      Breezy and KDot The Music Stars I could understand having hate for those things. Would say focus on what you love. Even something’s that you hate can be powered into focused love. For instance hating pain but loving the outcome said pain will get you. Or hating fake people but focusing on loving the people who will do right by you, and are there for you to the end👍

    • Breezy and KDot The Music Stars

      +Clifford Starks All of that is definitely true so thanks you man. 🙂

    • Clifford Starks

      Breezy and KDot The Music Stars For sure brother 🙂

  • Mish Hartley

    Loved this message. To get through fear, fast forward to the end of your life. Everything is in perspective 💜

  • LovelyVintageRose

    It sounds absolutely ridiculous (and it is) but my biggest fear is humiliation. I guess because I was always humiliated as child, even by the people that were supposed to be my biggest supporters. I do not want anyone to make me feel that way again so I just stay in my comfort zone. But this was very inspiring and I’m now committed to conquering my fears!

    • Still Feel 21

      LovelyVintageRose nothing ridiculous about that at all. Much respect to you for being open and sharing. Hope you know how brave and empowering for others that is. Thank you.

  • Slavko Glamočanin

    Yo dude, love your content and enthusiasm. Also, i’m coming over to fix your mic, just pay my travel costs:)

  • Hanna G

    Success in certain areas requires sacrifice in others.

  • Kerry Nitzsche

    This is very powerful!!! Fear has been crippling since I left the military and that’s what I’m trying to overcome to follow my dreams of being a physician. My path is certainly not a traditional one, but there is a fire deep in me that won’t go away. This was such an encouragement

  • Mario F. A. Stevenson

    Disassociating oneself from failure is the same message told over and over again focus, focus, and focus. It’s far too easy, to get distracted and once it happens you know when in the end when it comes out of your mouth – ~you~ got me again! “You” infers everything against your will.

    The key here is focus on eliminating that, which intends distracting your will.

  • Rachel McDonald

    The thing I am most scared of is disappearing off the grid. The whisper I have is to grab a guitar and hit the road for twelve months. I need to do it before, as Oprah says, the whisper turns into a rock up side the head. Perfect timing, as always Evan! Thanks!

  • Shane C

    I just realize that I have a fear of success because it’s been the reason why I keep stopping myself from writing a TV comedy script. The idea is there; the outline is there; the story, plot, characters are there, but piecing it all together seems to fluster me. I keep looking at the fact that I don’t have any inside connections, I’m not in L.A., I don’t have an agent, and I’ve never done this before. Maybe I need to refocus on the basic, writing a really good script, and I’ll figure the other parts out when I get there. I wish I had help, but maybe all the help I need I already have…myself. Thanks for the vid!

  • Danielle Leger

    #BelieveNation ❤ Love when you said: “The most successful people in the World fail, over and over and over and over and over again. They fail! They fail their way to success.”

  • Danielle Leger

    At the end in Bonus: “If you want to know the value of life, just know that it’s a brief happening.”


    Love the message Evan C.

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