All In One Profits Mistake You need to know and Profit From

If starting a business right is a value you are interested to bring to your business, then understanding a few AIOP Business Opportunity facts is something you MUST know. Getting to Know All In One Profits in a way you have never known before, could just be what you need to avoid most Business Building failure Curves.

I once read somewhere that: “if you want to hide treasure, put it in a book”. This is not a book here, but it is kind of lengthy. If you are the kind that does not love reading, you better quit now. But if you are curious enough, or love reading, then the 5 minutes you may need to read this, I bet you, could be exactly the changer you need to start finding treasure anytime.

Before I hit the nail on the head, permit me give you a brief background about All In One Profits® Company. I believe a house without a solid foundation is bound to not stand long (fail), hence talking about All In One Profits without you having some background information about it, may tend to confuse you instead and you may miss understanding the power behind this Company, and how you can exploit it to grow any other business you may be involved in. You can also use All In One Profits as a standalone Primary business too. The possibilities with AIOP are just too many and vast.

Knowing about AIOP background will help you:

  1.      Get it once and for all
  2.      Care more about the value in AIOP, and
  3.      Believe in the Possibilities AIOP offers.

All In One Profits (AIOP) is a Registered Trademark, legit company, co-owned by Isabela Alexanian and Johan van Geffen, who are experienced Networkers, Marketers, Programmers, with a team management and leadership background. They are very trustworthy, reliable, engaging and down to earth individual.

They are at the reach of everybody, and anybody needing their assistance.  In their leadership roles, they successfully led Teams and Team Builds in efforts to build multiple streams of Income online. I was fortunate to be a member of one of their Teams. They exercised great leadership and mentor qualities.

Disappointed by the fact that most of their team members were not achieving the desired level of success (not making enough money), they decided to think out of the box. They wanted to do something that could make a significant difference in every Team Member’s Money Making Experience

And what is that difference they made? Keep on reading…..

Why were members of their teams Failing or not making enough money, if at all they made any? That is a good question, that many, who are in the online money making industry ask themselves daily, but not getting answers that could help them.

The fact that companies keep changing compensation or business plans, here today disappear tomorrow, program admins not paying, multiple complains or lies by program owner about hacks, database compromises, etc etc., were all contributory factors, and Isabela and Johan could not really tolerate or deal with any longer, so “they thought out of the Box”.

Besides, all the business building tools necessary to successfully build any business were too expensive and not affordable by most average people, especially when they were not making enough money to be able to cover such expenses.

So what did they do that made a difference?

Well, as I mentioned before, Isabela and Johan “thought out of the Box” and created the AIOP platform, putting together all the essential business building tools and Services needed to build any successful business online or even offline. They made these Business Building Tools and Services available at a very affordable price to everyone in their Teams.

You maybe wondering about the very low price of only $10 for all these tools and services. That is no mistake, AIOP was established putting the people first. The highest priority was not for the company or themselves to make money, but to help the thousand of people in their teams access these business building tools and services at an affordable rate, and to use them to grow their businesses without breaking a bank.

That is also the main reason why the AIOP affiliate compensation plan is very lucrative, generous and possibly one of the best in the industry. It is unheard of that you pay only $10 to acquire industry’s leading standalone business building tools, and with only one referral who pays the same $10 to use the same tools, you basically get all your money back. This means you would basically be using the tools for free. You can actually refer more people, if you wish to earn more affiliate commissions for yourself.

Though the AIOP platform was initially designed only for their Team members, popular outcry from team members prompted them to open it up for non team members. That is why AIOP is now available to anyone worldwide today and you too can now benefit from this exceptional opportunity.

The initial mistake in designing the platform and making it too affordable, and giving away too much value in terms of the tools, services and the affiliate pay plan, is what you can exploit today to make as much money as you desire.

As experienced marketers, Networkers and Programmers, Isabela Alexanian and Johan van Geffen carefully selected the best business building tools, and set the price with especially the little guy in mind.

The AIOP platform today offers the following tools and services:

–         Premium Cloud Linux Web Hosting

         Pro double opt-in Autoresponder

         Splash/ Lead Capture page builder

         Links (URL) Tracker

         Links (URL) Rotator

         Downline Builder

         Drag and Drop website and Landing page builder

         Premium Audio-Video Marketing Package

  Bonuses and Perks:

  Ready made marketing funnels

         Premium PLR products

         Extensive E-Learning, Software and Training Library

         Advertising Co-op (pro membership)

         Text and Banners advertising with unlimited credits.

All the above Business building Tools and services are available to anyone for a whopping $10 per month (excluding processor costs).

The tools offered here are all professional standalone tools, each of which may cost way more than $10 monthly, if acquired separately somewhere else.

Being able to access all these Business Building tools for just $10 per month is really a jackpot and anyone serious about their business online or promoting their offline business should consider.

Moreover, All In One Profits® Company, is continuously developing and adding new products to the platform at no additional cost.

In the meantime, AIOP has expanded its platform into the AIOP Advertising Network, adding the following standalone advertising services, which are equally free for everyone to use to promote and market their products and services.

These advertising services are:





–, and a

–          Speedy Super Solos Network

So how can you profits from the AIOP Business Building Mistake to build a successful Business?

At first sight, it may seem AIOP made a mistake in building their platform, because they made it so cheap, giving away too much value. Also, the AIOP affiliate compensation plan can put anyone in profit at no time. Even if it is about just referring one person to use the AIOP platform, so you can have you AIOP membership free, it is still a no brainer. THe most generous I have ever seen with any company is: get 3 and your membership is free, but with AIOP, it is: get 1 and your AIOP membership is Free.

Any real business has business expenses. If you are trying to build a business for free, you could still succeed, but it might be at the expense of a lot of time. Mind you, time is everything, and the only thing you can never recover, so it is wise to use your time wisely.

I maybe wrong, but I think, if you do not have a business cost for your business, then it is safe to say you have no business.

With AIOP, your business cost is just $10 per month, but you get tons of business building tools and services, plus participate the AIOP lucrative affiliate program at no extra cost. The good news is that, when you get just one active referral,  you will never have to pay $10 again, as long as the referral remains active?

There are three ways to use the AIOP platform

  1.      As a customer just using the Tools and Services
  2.      As an affiliate recommending the Platform to another for commissions.
  3.      Both customer and Affiliate.

Basically, you can use the AIOP Business building tools and services to build whatever business you want. You can as well use the platform as your primary business. Whatever option you choose, the benefits far exceed your imagination or any expenditure you will ever make with AIOP.

As a customer, you can use the AIOP business building tools and services to build your business and all you will ever have to pay is $10 monthly (+$1.50 payment processor fee). And if you do like the products and services, why not share them with your business partners or friends?

The Good News is: If you choose to recommend AIOP to your friends or business partners, with just one person, you will recoup your $10 monthly cost of using the AIOP tools and services. At this point, you will practically be using all the tools and services for free – how cool is that?

What happens, if you elect to share with many more people? It is amazing and for this one, I will refer you to the AIOP affiliate compensation plan.

By choosing to share the AIOP platform products and services, you automatically become an affiliate, which is 100% free to be, no qualifications required to earn and no additional fees to pay ever.

The only requirement as an affiliate is to read, understand, agree to abide by the AIOP affiliate agreement, which is part of the company’s legal Terms of service.  

AIOP has a very brilliant and highly rewarding affiliate compensation plan, with which your affiliate commissions potential is only limited by your own abilities, activity, commitment, believe or imagination. Monthly commissions of $10 to $1000 to even $10.000 and beyond are not rare and more than possible. AIOP Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative paying affiliate programs today, and you will make more money with it than with similar or other opportunities.

In fact, with the AIOP Affiliate compensation plan, you are your own limits to how much you can earn monthly. What most people fail to recognize with the AIOP Affiliate Program is that, AIOP does not simply give you a link to promote, but equally gives you an arsenal of tools and services to do it the right way.  Please refer to the AIOP affiliate compensation plan for a more comprehensive information.

At the time of writing this review, All In One Profits® has been around for five (5) years +, growing stronger and stronger and the owners have been paying out commissions regularly, promptly and unfailingly. It is as simple as that: Promote AIOP, get commissions, request your money and boom – you are paid.

More Business building tools and services are constantly being added to the AIOP platform. So if you are considering using the AIOP platform as your business building tools provider, or even as your primary business, to build a solid, sustainable life changing income, feel confident to do so, soon.

How to succeed as an AIOP affiliate, using the AIOP platform as your Primary Business.

Well, I though including this here will exceed the scope of this Review and make this article exceptionally long. So I have decided to cover this topic in a separate article in same Category. You might want to check that out here.

I guarantee you this article has some insights you have never seen before and could change your online money making mindset for ever. See you there.

Thanks for reading.

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