What you need to know before you Join All In One Profits

Whether you have heard about All In One Profits of not,  now you are going to know

Something that most people do not know. If you are currently member of All In One Profits, then great. If not, do not worry, sooner or later, you will find yourself in the Gardens of All In One Profits. Take a few minutes and get this; I guarantee this is going to change the way you smell Income Opportunities or burn money on business building tools and services, for ever. All In One Profits will put you ahead of any competitors and make people jealous of you and your success.

This is an educative and an eye opening All In One Profits review, in the form you have never seen before. I decided to put this information together, just to clarify some doubts or concerns most people have about All In One Profits. These are doubts I suspect you too maybe having. All In One Profits is beyond just another income or money making Opportunity. It is actually a leading Business Building tools and Services provider for small businesses and individuals, with an integrated very lucrative affiliate programs.

You are probably looking the All In One Profits opportunity and scratching your head, if this is really legit or scam, or if at all you will be able to make money with it, and how soon? Your thoughts are legitimate and I can resonate with you, such thoughts would totally be wrong, when it pertains to All In One Profits.

I just want to make it clear that I am an Affiliate with All In One Profits since 2012 and use most of their products and services to build my business. I also use their affiliate program to make some extra money as well. My intention here is not trying to get you to join it, so I can get some commissions like most of the people do. So, do not be worried, I am not interested in your money. Put your wallet away, just focus and get some naked facts here that can really  help you grow financially.

I guarantee you have never had these facts before, at least not in this constellation, but they will help you succeed even in other businesses. At this time, I am not looking forward to legitimize or delegitimize you thoughts about All In One Profits, if it is a scam, legit or what so ever, but I just want to make sure you do not keep making the same mistakes over and over, again and again. Life is very sweet, but too short to keep wasting time on things that do not add more value to it.

What I have seen from being member of All In One Profits since 2012 is that, it is very legit, and it is perfectly possible to make money with it, yes, a lot of money, just with the affiliate part of it. And if you really use the tools provided by All In One Profits, to build other businesses or build the All In One Profits affiliate program itself, then you will never regret any minute spent on the platform.

You may be wondering to yourself, why so many people express skepticism with this company or calling it names or things like that. I am glad you are wondering, and I will tell you why. But before I do, let me ask you this question: The average survival period for a business is 6-18 months, but All In One Profits has been around since 2012. That speaks volumes for an Online Business Platform, don’t you think?

Now back to the reasons why people maybe expressing skepticism about All In One Profits or calling it names or things like that. I will discuss that in 3 premises:

  1. All In One Profits Specific skepticism
  2. General skepticism
  3. Industry related skepticism.
  1. All In One Profits Specific skepticism

I think All In One Profits “grabbed the bulls by the nuts”. You maybe familiar with expressions like “Grab the bull by the balls” or “Grab the bull by the horns”. It means basically the same thing, but this time I decided to use “Nuts”. All In One Profits disrupted the Business Building Tools and Services providers by offering most of these tools as a bundle at a more affordable rate and almost close to free for those that choose to use their affiliate program.

This has been a big blow and challenge to companies that have been enjoying the monopoly providing these tools and services at an excessively over priced rate. So, to put All In On Profits out of business, some companies or individuals basically conspired to raise a cloud of unfounded claims against All In one Profits. Fortunately, to no avail. All in One profits has prevailed, been around since 2012 with thousands of satisfied members. User experience is what counts, not baseless allegation, so, All In One Profits Specific skepticism, baseless.

  1. General skepticism

This skepticism is provoked by business building tourists, what others have also called Direct sales or MLM Gold Diggers. These are individuals that are constantly chasing the shiny objects, never really focus to build a particular opportunity to get the desired outcome, so they merely extrapolate their “quit mentality syndrome” on any opportunity they come across, claiming they are scams or do not work. This happens especially, when they fail to make money overnight.

There are amazing lessons I learnt going from earning zero Money, to earning significant amount of money in this industry. These lessons can certainly benefit and help you succeed in any business.

This brings me to the 3rd  premises – Industry related skepticism.

  1. Industry related skepticism.

The reason people call these opportunities and many others scams is because there is a well-known, established and documented 96-98% failure rate in the industry. Well, I will say dropout rate, not failure rate, because, I would not equate giving up or quitting to necessarily mean failure.

The majority of the people simply give up, they quit, then say it does not work or call it scam. Truth is, they do not do it long or serious enough to see the desired success.

Check out these jaws breaking facts:

An Average Lawyer makes about $70,000 per year,

After about 7 Years of University Education.

An Average Doctor makes about $96,000 per year,

after about 10 Years of University Education.

Needless to talk about how much they invested Financially to Acquiring all that Education.

But when people come to this industry or join All In One Profits , they want to make money for free, they want to start making thousands the next day, without doing the appropriate work. As soon as they sign up in a business opportunity, they want to start seeing the money right away without investing some time to understand the business opportunity, not to talk of following the recommended steps needed to succeed. Those that come to All In One Profits with this kind of mentality, end up with similar, wrong and misleading conclusion.

They basically want to make money doing nothing. Don’t you think there is something
wrong with that mentality? While it is possible in this industry to start making money right away after you join a business opportunity, even All In One Profits, with the university, it takes at least 3-10 years after enrolling, based on your field of study.

You wait until you graduate from the university, if you make it to graduate, You wait to
find a job, if you are lucky to find one, you work, and then wait to be paid.

In this industry or with All In One Profits, you do not necessarily have to wait, you can start earning right away, if you take the right and necessary actions. Needless to say, most people that study and graduate still end up joining us in this industry. One would be tempted to ask: Why study in the first place?

Whatever the path you take to land into this industry, my experience becoming a top earner in this industry, speaks volumes. The reasons why there is this high dropout rate in this industry, does not really have much to do with the business opportunities themselves, but with how people treat or market these businesses.

Basically, there are three things I have noticed, why the dropout or failure rate is this high:

First Problem:

People do not generate enough traffic or targeted leads on a regular basis to their business. Just imagine, I was talking to some business associates and they talked about generating like 3 clicks per day!  That is insane and ridiculous, because you can never make any serious sales or get people join your opportunity doing that.

Some do not even care to learn traffic Generation, which is the foundation for succeeding in any business. In my opinion, if you are doing any kind of business, and do not learn and master traffic generation, then you have no business. In that case, I will recommend you stay with your 9-5. Because, trying to build a business, without mastering Traffic Generation, I can guarantee you are going to not only fail, you will lose your hard earned money.

Well, you can always buy traffic, you would say. I am cool with that, but that is just another red flag for failing and a “broke sentence” (death sentence) right there, which I would not like to go into right now. Even if you have to buy Traffic, you still have to have some basic mastery of Traffic, to know what kind of traffic to buy, that will meet your needs. This is because not every Traffic is generated the same way and every traffic is different.

All In One Profits does not really teach people Traffic Generation, but if you use some of their business building tools like their hosting to set up your own blog or use their blogging platform, their advertising Network and most of the tools and services they provide, it is possible to consistently generate unlimited leads passively and residually.

  1.   Passively because you do not have to do any more work to get the traffic, after you have set it up. The only work you will ever have to do, is the initial set up and that is it. It is kind of a set and forget kind of killer Traffic Generating System. And
  2.   Residually because you get the traffic ongoing anyway, whether you like it or not and the quantity of traffic keeps growing over time.

This is organic search engine traffic from your blog that can be very targeted. With this strategy, 100-300 clicks per day are very possible, after you have build up enough content on your blog. These are the types of numbers you should target and actually be getting per day to make money. Of course, there is no limit to the amount of traffic you can achieve using this method. Heck, at the All In One Profits Pro level, you even get included in the All In One Profits Coop for traffic without you biting your toes.

Second Problem:

When People Generate this traffic, and leads, they normally do not do that using their own branded front-end lead management system, like most of the top earners and some leaders do. Many send this traffic directly to the company sales funnels, splash pages or affiliate site. All In One Profits has lots of affiliate splash pages and lead capture pages, with automated follow up messages to make the case to the prospects on your behalf. That is exemplary, compared to other companies that give you a mere affiliate link to which you send traffic.

Even with that, if you are an All In One Profits affiliate, I would recommend you use the All In One Profits provided resources to build your own splash and lead capture pages, so you can collect and manage your own leads. All In One Profits will even help you with that, just send a support ticket to them and they will be more than happy to help you. Or, if you are member of one of the many Teams within All In One Profits, then the team members and or Team leader will be readily available to help you.

Sending traffic directly to company splash or lead capture pages or your affiliate links is a total waste of time, because you lose those leads forever. You do not stand out from the crowd doing this, gentlemen. Wake up and get the right strategy. Get a system that will allow you to collect, manage and control your leads at all times, so you can nurture and grow with them.

Third Problem:

This problem seems to be the most crucial, and is of no fault of yours, but if you pay close attention now, you could even turn this number one problem to your number one solution and make millions from it. Companies do close down for one reason or the other, some change compensation plans.

These and many others, are some of the unfair business practices that contribute to the 96-98% dropout or failure rate in this industry. These are sometimes not really avoidable, but if you are smart, you will never get into them in the first place. Irrespective of how high this Failure rate it, people still succeed in this industry making millions yearly. You can do the same too, if you understand one very crucial thing.

In my journey to making money in this industry, I learned one thing that changed my perspectives entirely. And that is the one thing that has contributed to most of my successes, and there is no end, at least not yet.

Did you know that, during the California famous Gold Rush in the 1800’s that brought people from all around the world rushing to dig for Gold, not everyone successfully found gold, or found an amount that made the rush to California worth it. Many ended up disappointed, some even lost a ton of money and others returned home empty handed. Indeed, those who made fortunes during the Gold Rush were not the Gold diggers (miners) themselves. But it was the merchants who provided products and services like “Picks and Shovels” to the miners. Actually, the reality is that there was very little gold to be found.

Similarly, transferring this knowledge and experience to All In One Profits or to this industry, you will realize that, you will successfully make more money providing Business Building Tools and services – so to say the “Picks and Shovels” to those that are digging the Direct Sales or MLM Gold.

The advantage doing this is that you will not be reliant on any particular company or Business opportunity. You will not be worried to know if they are scam or legit, you will not be bothered,  if they close down or change compensation plans, and above all, you will never need to join any other company, or keep moving from one company to another to make money.

You will always have your Business Building Tools and services – so to say the “Picks and Shovels” which All In One Profits has, ready to provide to those that are willing to dig. How cool would that be?

At this point, this maybe sounding crazier, and you may be wondering, how on earth you are supposed to learn this traffic generating skills or know which Pick and Shovels to start providing to others? You are not alone, and that is quite a different level of thinking to get you there.

Choosing the right opportunity is where it starts and some companies do provide you with success training. I am not here to provide you with any of such training, but the information you have learned here is enough eye opener, which can guide you acquire the appropriate knowledge to condition and model your own path to success.

Whatever you decide at this point is your business, but at least you now know that it could be more profitable  to be providing Picks and Showers to Gold Diggers, than actually digging the Gold yourself. All In One Profits is legit and a serious company, providing some of the best and affordable picks and shovels anyone interested in the Direct Sales or MLM industry needs.

l recommend you pay close attention to it, it is a well established and honest company you can plug into it right away and start playing (Plug and Play), without hassles.

Hope you enjoyed this information.If you found it helpful, please share.

Good luck and
Much success.

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