Why I recommend AIOP Response Over any Auto-Responder in the World

For those who may not be familiar with the Term AIOP Response or Auto Respüonder, permit me make a quick remark here. We have  lots of new people coming into the industry daily and many may not be used to these terms.

What is AIOP Response?

AIOP Response is an Auto Responder.

What is an Auto Responder?

An Autoresponder is a marketing tool any serious marketer or business MUST HAVE.

An Autoresponder is the single most worthwhile marketing tool that fully automates your marketing or business building efforts. With an autoResponder, you can set up marketing campaigns that get delivered at regular intervals designated by you and you will never have to do anything again ever, except for updating of stuff like that.

Examples of commonly used Auto Responders include Traffic Wave, Getresponse, Aweber, just to name a few.

AIOP Response is An Autoresponder just like the likes of Traffic Wave, Getresponse or Aweber, but with tremendously added benefits. All these auto Responders have close to almost same features and offer close to similar services. Major difference maybe in the ease of use or more attractive lead capture pages or opt in boxes, and above all, PRICING!

Apart from the Traffic Wave autoResponder that has a flat monthly flat rate of $17.95, irrespective of the number or campaigns or leads you have, the prices of of the other Autoresponders increases as your number of leads increase, making it at some point very expensive and difficult to pay. This becomes very troublesome and could be a major set back to your business, especially if you are not a savvy marketer, but have build a huge list.

AIOP Response costs just $10 monthly (excluding transaction charges), and you can use it to build a list of unlimited subscribers or create unlimited campaigns, and you will never have to pay any extra DIME.

All these Auto Responders have affiliate Programs, some of which could be used as a main income source as well.

Of all the affiliate Compensation plans being offered by all these these Auto Responders, AIOP Response beats them all hands down. Not only does AIOP Response cost only $10 monthly, providing similar marketing  services, but when you refer just one person to use AIOP Response for $10 monthly, that $10monthly goes to you as affiliate commissions.

This means that with only one referrer to AIOP Response, you will basically be using the entire Auto Responder system for free, including the Series of other AIOP business building tools and services, to build your business.

What happens then, if you referred more than one person to AIOP response? That is is when and where the AIOP magic starts – your potential monthly affiliate income becomes limitless. Refer to the AIOP Compsensationsplan here to see your potential affiliate Income.

Just a hint here; many are using the AIOP Affiliate Commissions System as their main business and as a side monthly income source. If you will like to see its power and benefit from it, consider checking out this TEAM here.

By the way, what else do you get with the other Autoresponders?

To the best of my knowledge, NOTHING Else.

But with AIOP Response, for the same $10 monthly, without any extra costs, you get the following standalone innovative industry’s leading Next Generation business building tools and Services you can trust:


For details about the above individual business building and marketing tools and services, refer to the  AIOP (All In One Profits) home page, then select Products from the top menu.

AIOP Response is the most amazing industry leading Marketing tool that any serious market should deploy in building or expanding their business. And in combination with the the other business building tools and services provided by AIOP, you will have an all in one tool kit to build or to be successful in any business. All this for a nominal price of only $10 per month, with the possibility of even using all the tools 100% Free and even earn a solid income in the AIOP Affiliate Program while using them.

Most newbie marketers make the mistake of thinking they will get an Auto Responder once they start earning money, but then they earn some money and use it towards

something else. That is a very wrong approach, as experience teaches us that as long as you do not have any cost for doing business, you have no business or may not take your business serious.

An Autoresponder should be the first tool any marker or business builder should consider. This is because, if will prevent you from advertising over and over for new leads. The initial leads you capture in your autoResponder, you can maintain a warm communication with them and they will subsequently become your partners in business.

But if you miss this initial leads, you will keep on fishing for them each time you want to reach out and talk to someone about your new or existing opportunity. Even if you are already using an auto responder, I strongly recommend you consider the AIOP response. If you are just starting up, perfect; you can start with AIOP Response absolutely free and until you start going beyond 50 leads, you will not have to pay anything yet.

Guess what, before you even hit 50 leads to start paying, you may already have referrals and that will get your monthly $10 cost covered. Even if your monthly cost of $10 is not covered yet, all you will ever have to pay, irrespective of the number of leads or campaigns will remain $10. That is the best way to start using AIOP response for free, and for free for ever.

Two ways to have access (join) AIOP Response: Though AIOP Response is a standalone marketing tool on its own, it is also being bundled and offered by AIOP in her arsenal of business building tools and Services suite. So,

  1. Join AIOP and get access to AIOP response automatically through the AIOP back office, or
  2. Join AIOP Response directly and then consider suing the other AIOP Business building tools and services later.

No matter how you choose to join, all AIOP Business Building Tools and  services, as well as the AIOP affiliate option and commissions structure remain the same ad available to you at no extra cost.

Good Luck and much success building and growing your business.

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