How to succeed as an AIOP affiliate, using the AIOP platform.

All In One Profits is an all in one Business Building and Marketing Solution that gives Small Businesses and Individuals endless possibilities to grow any level of Income. The AIOP Platform combines the most Essential and time tested Business Building tools and Services, plus a very  lucrative industry’s leading unique Affiliate pay Plan, that actually works, putting money in the hands of ordinary people. You are welcome to check it out, maybe it could just be what you have been looking for.

Succeeding as an AIOP Affiliate is easy, but succeeding as an AIOP Affiliate using the AIOP platform is even easier, and this is why:

I recently learnt something that is mind blowing and totally changed my business mindset in a very positive way: Back during the California famous Gold Rush in the 1800’s that brought people from all around the world rushing to dig for Gold, those that made fortunes were not the Gold diggers (miners). But it was the merchants who sold products and services to the miners.(Actually, the reality is that there was very little gold to be found).

Well, not to distract you from the subject matter here, I have decided to expand on this Gold Rush in the 1800’s towards the end of this article. Be kind to yourself and read it. For now, let us first of all focus on how to  succeed as AIOP affiliate, using the AIOP platform.

As I mentioned in a prior article, if you are running a business that has no business costs, then you certainly have no business, or it may take you longer than necessary to start reaping the fruit.

Assuming that every business has a running cost, and in this case of AIOP, it is just $10 monthly (excluding processor charges), then this is what you will be dealing with:

  1. The cost of running your business is $10 monthly (+$1.50 the payment processor fee)
  2. It takes time to build a strong and successful business
  3. Learn and understand how to use at least 2 products and 2 services of AIOP. Optimal scenario is if you could actually master the use of all the tools and services AIOP provides.
  4. You can only successfully promote or share AIOP with others to earn commission’s, if you actually know how to use the tools and services.
  5.  Focus and advertise your business daily for at least 30 minutes using the AIOP advertising Network and or other advertising services.
  6. Contact every referrer of yours, network with them and offer them support on the use of the AIOP platform.

When you understand exactly how AIOP works, care enough about your business, and believe in the power of the AIOP System, success in your business is then just a matter of time.

Normally, most affiliate programs will provide you with an affiliate link (splashs/LCPs) to promote (run traffic to). This is the greatest set up for failure, and if that is the way you have been promoting your AIOP Affiliate Link, I am confident you are not making any life changing money. Now you know why you have not been making your desired amount of money online or failing to get people into your AIOP opportunity.

As AIOP Affiliate, you should know better that: AIOP Like any other program Provides affiliate links (splashes/LCPs), not just a few, but multiple of them, which makes it difficult to quickly saturate the market with them, besides, AIOP also provides you all the tools necessary to successfully build or promote your affiliate business, what most companies hardly do.  

Here are just a few of the Business Building tools you full unrestricted and unlimited access to as an AIOP Affiliate to build your business.

  • Your own Premium web HOSTING package, where you can host your own websites or blogs to promote your business
  • Your own autoresponder, which enable you collect your own leads to communicate with whenever and how often you want. Your leads go to you, and not to the company.
  • Your own splash pages/LCPs linked to your personal Auto Responder, plus and Splash/LCP builder, so you can build your own unique pages to beat any competition.
  • Your own Personal Tracking System, so you can know exactly how you are doing in your marketing
  • Your own Personal downline builder, where you can add other programs or opportunities in which you are involved. This is the best way to promote multiple programs using just one (AIOP) campaign.
  • AIOP Advertising Network gives you the best advertising solution to expose your business to more eyeballs.
  • AIOP – COOP: at the professional level, the company will even provide premium quality traffic of 1.000 hits per month to your affiliate link at no extra cost to you.
  • AIOP Text and Banner Advertising: AIOP gives you the possibility to advertise your other businesses right on the AIOP Platform in the form of unlimited Text and Banner exposures.

And a lot more….

These are all professional Industry’s leading business building tools and services, that other providers charge you a ton of money monthly for each of them. But AIOP has bundles all of them up and made them available to everyone world wide for a very affordable flat rate.

After you join AIOP, do not rush to start blasting your affiliate link around. Take some time at least a day to understand everything about the products, Services and the affiliate compensation plan.

After you have mastered the AIOP platform and understand the compensation plan, your primary goal should be to get one referral. Yes, just one, referral. With one referral, you will be getting 100% affiliate commision paid to you, meaning that at this point, you are using AIOP products and services for Free. This also mean that you are now running your business for free.

Now reach out to your first referral, offer some support and make him/her comfortable with the platform. Share this article with them, so they may see and understand why it is more profitable to sell “picks and shovels” than digging for gold.

Now your second goal should be to refer two more. From the two referrals, one will be passed up to your Sponsor, and you will keep one. Now you are $10 in profit. How cool is that? With just 2 people in your downline, you are using the AIOP platform for free, plus you are in profit.

Now that you are in profit, you can then focus on referring as many as you can. Important is that you reach out to every referral and make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Also understand that as you are referring and passing up referrals to your sponsor, the people in your downline will be doing the same and passing up referrals to you.

Those in your downline will basically be duplicating what you are doing and before you know it, you may be earning thousands in AIOP. That is the power of the AIOP compensation plan, carefully designed patented compensation plan. It ensures that everyone who is actually serious about their business, actually achieves success.

AIOP is committed to providing professional industry’s leading business building tools and services, supporting all their customers and affiliates succeed in their various businesses.

AIOP in its present setting is solidly well established. AIOP Business building tools can be used to build any business. Even using the AIOP Affiliate Program as a primary business can be more than satisfactory.

This may seem like asking too much, but what I do miss with AIOP is live training – weekly, monthly or as needed in the form of webinars, during which one can ask questions and get real time live answer. The AIOP Educational library covers almost every thing, only, it is not interactive.

Nevertheless, AIOP has a live support service. There is also the AIOP ticket support service that is very prompt and personal.

Irrespective of what kind of a marketer, networker or business builder you are, Newbie or Guru, AIOP is an invaluable resource you can tap into for the tools and services to grow your business, or as another source of income.

Now back to the fact that during the Gold Rush, those that made fortunes were those that sold “picks and shovels” to the Gold Diggers, not the gold diggers themselves.

Similarly, with respect to the AIOP Opportunity, what if you decided to be become the provider of Business Building Tools and Services to all those Digging the MLM Gold? That is what AIOP is all about – the Provider of Business Building Tools and Services.

That will not only keep you away from joining one MLM to another, but you will be able to tap into the millions of people in MLMs or involved in the direct sales Industry, by providing to them all the tools and services they need  for their businesses.

That is what you have in AIOP and the AIOP Affiliate program.

It will no longer matter what company it is, what their compensation plan is, whether they are there today and disappear tomorrow. That is the best and smart way to strike your own gold without digging for it.

Wish you much success in your business.

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