“There is NO CEILING on Your POTENTIAL!” – Chester Bennington – Top 10 Rules

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  • Hafidz Surendra

    its so sad , he is suicide. he is very positive in this video. why????

    • EnzoSounds

      It was only words, his body was saying something else.

    • Thepianist126

      inside he was probably broken but outside it looked like he was okay.

    • Dee Ef Sea

      Hafidz Surendra you can know the truth / path to freedom but still at times lack the strength to follow it through yourself. Him committing suicide has nothing to do with the realness of the wisdom that Chester imparted in these videos..

    • Hiddenroses2000

      Because… you fight so hard to project that positive image for other people – to be SO damned strong – -and sometimes you are just too good at faking that things are ok when they ARE NOT OK. It’s the depression, too. He may have dipped into that tunnel – keep in mind it was on his friend’s birthday, who had just committed suicide – that dark place calls. Watch the video of ‘Chester cries out for help’ – he talks about getting caught inside his head and how it is NOT a good place. The interviewer laughed, but.. when you fight depression – REAL depression – that’s completely legit. You keep moving and talking and projecting to stay out of what’s going on in your brain, and if you stop for too long.. there you go. You sink.

    • DemonicRemption

      Huh, someone who gets it. They know what it’s like to be helpless, so they try to help as many people as they can. Shame how it rarely comes full circle for people like Chester.

  • That Habit Guy

    Now when I listen to his songs it seems like every single one was a warning of what he was about to do, and we all just sang along. Like so many others, he was the soundtrack of my teen years.

    • IglooDweller

      I think Mike is actually the primary lyricist for most of their stuff. Nonetheless, hearing Chester sing their songs is kind of triggering for me now.

    • Matias Pereyra

      We are strong Tyronnezx, and when we hold on to hope and leap outside of ourselves we start living beyond our suffering. The sad truth is that one dark moment is all it takes for light like Chester to fade. A single moment where were all alone and choose to believe in our demons, and the permanency of our wounds.Sadly Linkin Park was great because it never let those things go.That doesnt change the fact that Chester did indeed continue on to become happier then he couldve ever imagined, but he was ill, and sadly couldn’t shake them off that one single time. I dont defend his suicide because it caused a lot of pain, but it is remarkable in itself that the Chester from a couple months ago was smiling, making jokes, and having a positive outlook into his life. Same for Chris, but sadly Suicide and depression are too contagious diseases that are serious and are completley worth fighting against.Its exactly what he said. You can choose to become a victim of your life or choose to go beyond the role that you were given. That is why this shy nerdy looking fucker came to become one of the most important and part of one of the last real rock bands of our time

    • Gediminas Kulakauskas

      I just want to make one point- some ( or maybe most of his) songs were not written by him. They were only sang by him.

    • Matias Pereyra

      It doesnt have to come out of you to be your song

    • Gediminas Kulakauskas

      I kinda agree with you, Matias. Everything that you speak or sing, comes from you. Something that you repeat over and over again, has a big chance to impact your living in a way if the whole energy thing is real. But at the same time he didn’t create it so his main statement/thoughts might not have been like that.

  • Dan Beck

    “Perspective is going through an ordeal or going through an adventure.”

    Rest easy Chester. One of the voices of the angst-est time of my life.

  • Animepro100

    “Change your perspective”
    I wish he lived that philosophy during his last days.
    I’m really not sure how a thinker of his level end his life.

    • DemonicRemption

      +christy york Story of my life. I’ve love to just stop thinking, but it only turns off when I sleep or when I enjoy something that doesn’t stress me out. Even the quiet of my reclusion doesn’t stop me from thinking. I apparently need noise to drown it out, and even that’s doesn’t work all the time.

      Honestly after typing that I might just need to accept that the world sucks, and I just have to do what I can to survive in it. Y’know Darwinism and all of that… :p

    • DemonicRemption

      +EverythingAndTheMusic That’s the sad truth of life isn’t it? And if what I’m learning is any indication, Chester gained this wisdom from living his life. Meaning the maelstrom of my own life is gonna get rougher, and at this point, I say:”Bring it.”

    • Arturas Bakinas

      DemonicRemption I know what you mean by that. My way of thinking is probably the same. I usually describe it as- “Sweet and shy outside. Violent and hostile inside.”

    • Gediminas Kulakauskas

      Maybe what happened was he had drug abusement within his arsenal, alcohol or whatever the substances were. These distort your reality quite well. More so- if he was having negative thoughts, he probably identified himself as those thoughts. But the thing is, those thoughts are not true in existential/real reality. It’s only “true” in your mind if you believe it. So… My thought is that even though you are very wise in terms of what knowledge you carry within you, one piece that is very distorted, twisted can bring you down. If that part was, like for Chester, a decision of living and dying because of certain circumstances in his mind and heart, there you have a result.

      His music is phenomenal, I love what his band and himself were doing. But you get what you get. That’s why many of us have to re-learn the basics of human nature. Like who we are, why we are here, how to make this journey beautiful and joyful and how to see things as they are. Because, I believe, none of his thoughts (if he would expose those thoughts and shared with millions of people in a conversation) would be real to us. He basically believed in them himself. But we see the reality in other way because the way he behaved, worked, spoke was different.

      So yeah, that was just my thoughts on it. Maybe you’ll have some stuff to think about. Have a nice day!

    • Gediminas Kulakauskas

      Caco, why do you assume it’s because of that? Why do you think that everything that you find on google and youtube is real? How do you know Chester is dead?

      I’m not saying he’s not because so many sources said the same so the truth should be it. But I’m just saying… How can you be so sure about what you haven’t experienced or witnessed yourself? I don’t think you’ve took part or seen with your own eyes about that whole pedophile ring thing, have you?

  • Jason Bean

    So I took 12lb in aluminum cans to the scrapyard today. It was only 3 miles. Took a couple hours. Not a problem. And on my way, I thought about Chester. And I wondered, ” why?” And I still do.

  • ShinbrigTV

    Ahhh, Linkin park. Helping me get through Middle School and parts of High School.

  • Adam Oliva

    I don’t care what anyone says, Chester was murdered.

    • loko lokko

      yakso first i was think as well but he did in germany too bro, they kill them both chris and chester

    • Jesus Navas

      he did that on quiet a lot of concerts in the past few weeks/months look up the german concerts too

    • Fatima MJ

      Yes I believe it could be one of the reasons of Chester’s murder.

    • sirdorkster

      Nathan Shaffer why do you want Cornell and Bennington associated with pedophilia? Maybe you’re a pedo. Sicko.

    • alien invasion

      sirdorkster 1. unveiling (revealing) a group of pedo’s noble. If he and Chris were trying to do that it would save a bunch of kids from being abused. But that most likely isn’t true it was probably a rumor.

  • followfornothing

    I believe that both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were Murdered.

  • michael majewski

    Jay z face after that scream tho

  • Boomer

    I may just be a viewer but i want to give you some advice. Stop uploading so much! Quality over quantity! You have lost me as a notification subscriber

  • Amandeep Pasricha

    Lol I wouldn’t take advice from someone who choose to give up on life tho…

    • Alicia N

      Amandeep Pasricha does it seriously negate all of this advice though? It’s still sound advice, even if he was unable to listen to this side of himself in the last hours.

    • Amandeep Pasricha

      Alicia N naw for sure it doesn’t but that’s just the way I think

    • Cuccolover

      Depends on if you’re in the same mental state as he is.


      Amandeep Pasricha he was successful but Chester had depression and other complications he wasn’t in the right state of mind when he killed himself

  • Evan Carmichael

    Check out my NEWEST video: https://goo.gl/E0eE6m

  • rradioactiv

    at first I was like walking dead wasn’t around in 2005

  • Susan Wiggins - Simpson

    “Everything” everyone of Chesters songs saved my life esp Hybrid Theory and Meteora and helped me through last 7 years of cancer..I am a suicide survivor..his ablums weren’t a warning. Shaun Morgan of Seether says it best “his brother committed suicide” you don’t have to have depression to committ suicide… his lyrics came from pain and the life he lived.. it is shocking he did what he did because he was so open and that is very theraputic but in the end you never know what a persons final thought was, when I attempted mine was “my kids deserve anything better than me” before that I swore through depression and all that I never would go as far as suicide due to my kids…I just hope Chester is at eternal peace and happiness now..I’m sure he is!

    • Alicia N

      Exactly. I think he was depressed, but yes, shortly before Cornell’s death he seemed better. Any time I mentioned LP to anyone, I talked about how much better Chester seemed to be doing.
      Considering there was no suicide note, I believe it was almost an accident. I think he drank with intentions of numbing himself and that just made the feelings more intense. You can’t think clearly when you drink.
      The only times I’ve attempted suicide (have actually been about a few handfuls of times), I’ve been drunk. You get to a point where you literally don’t feel anything,the sadness intensifies, and you can’t control yourself. I truly believe he was just trying to soothe his pain over Chris, and got to a point where he lost control.
      This is so sad, and hits so close to home. I don’t think I’ll ever drink again. Every time I do, and I wake up with something around my head or neck, I instantly feel regret. LP helped me through so many awful times. They helped me process my abuse as I was growing up. I am so sad about this.

      And you are correct. In a suicidal state of mind,you’re justifying, thinking things like,”I just make things worse for everyone”,”Everyone would be better off”. And here,people call them selfish. Really terrible. Any time someone wants to pull the “selfish” card, watch interviews with Chester and get back to me. Especially in a drunken state, he likely was deluded into thinking that his family,friends,and the world would be better off without him. That’s how suicide works.

  • Himanshu Doley

    ” who cares if more light goes out”
    well I do chester

  • Evan Canellakis

    Thanks for the tribute to Chester

  • D3st1ny's World

    “Seize The Opportunities & Change your perspective”

  • Nikhilesh Garg

    R.I.P Chester Bennington…

  • Building A Better Stronger Me

    Choose your words wisely He sang each song that impacted his life

  • William Hernandez

    hello evan. you should do a success video on Bruce Dickinson. thank you.

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